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IPAF Training FAQs

Please see below a few questions we are frequently asked with regards to IPAF Training;

  • My licence is due to expire. Can I do a shorter refresher course? Technically yes, you can. However, we do not recommend this. The reason for this is that when you sit a refresher course you are given the theory test without sitting through a classroom session. Therefore, if you are not aware of any changes to the various health and safety policies that govern the use of these machines, the odds of failing the theory test increase. For the sake of a few hours, we will always recommend that operatives sit the full course again.

  • How many people can attend a course? This will depend on the number of categories you require training in. For a single category up to six operatives can be trained, up to four operatives for two categories and up to two operatives for three categories.

  • I have failed my course. How soon can I retake it? There is no restriction as to when a course can be retaken. If the theory test has been failed then the operative will have to retake the whole course. If an operative fails the practical they can return to the centre within four weeks and retake just the practicals for whatever category they have failed. They will not need to retake the theory test unless they attend after four weeks.

  • I also need a PASMA course, can I have this on the same day as my IPAF? No you cannot. Both of these are full day courses so must be held on separate days.

If you have any others questions you would like to ask, please call our Training Department on 0845 601 7738, extension 18.

IPAF Training FAQs


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